Fan Girl Friday: Genie, I’m Gonna Miss You.


Celebrity deaths don’t normally hit very close to home for me. Don’t get me wrong, when a beloved celebrity passes on I take time to reflect on their work, on their life, and on life in general. It’s always sad … Continue reading 

Fan Girl Friday: Eight Favorite Disney Soundtracks.

In preparation for this trip, I’ve been reminded of the following items:

  1. Pre-travel stresses me the hell out (which results in stress eating and stress crying).
  2. I always say I’m not going to save things to do till the last minute, but I always do anyway.
  3. I am the worst at packing.

“I can totally fit all of that into my backpack,” she said delusionally.

But my last week here in the States – with the exception a mega stress eating/crying breakdown yesterday – has been a good one. I’ve gotten the chance to spend some time with my family, I’ve seen a slew of friends (and am seeing even more tonight), I got a lot of prep work for my travels out of the way, and I got to go to the beach this Wednesday. All in all, not a bad way to spend your last week before taking off traveling for an entire year.


I didn’t like the way he was looking at me.

Anyway, for this week’s Fan Girl Friday, I thought I’d do another simple list. This week I’m gonna focus on eight of my favorite Disney soundtracks. All of them should really be a give in, but it was fun to write up nonetheless. Enjoy!

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