Wednesday: To Have a Home.

Hello there, and thanks for tuning in! I’m coming to you from yet another new location here in New Zealand (no big surprise at this point, right?).

Kathleen and I arrived in Wellington not four hours ago, and already I’m in love. We only went out to eat dinner, but just walking to the restaurant was enough to get a feel for this city. I’m digging the atmosphere and am glad we’re finally at a place where people enjoy going out later to eat (an aspect Napier rather lacked in). Actually, Wellington so far really makes me think of downtown Portland. There are museums, a ton of restaurants and bars, beautifully tall buildings, and it’s all on the waterfront. I’ll have to do a photo comparison of the two cities once I spend some more time here.

Wellington: Portland’s long lost sister.

The rest of our stay in Napier was good (not much to write about though), and the bus ride down to Wellington went by surprisingly fast, despite it being a five hour trek. As I’ve already said, the bus rides from city to city have been some of my favorite parts of traveling. Just getting the chance to stare out the window and marvel at the gorgeous countryside is enough to make this journey well worth it. New Zealand bus rides make me wish I were a painter – the views are that beautiful. Plus staring out the window gives me a lot of time to mull things over in my mind. With all this time to stare and think, I’ve come to realize that there’s been one thing on my mind a lot lately.

The concept of home.

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