Monday: Keeping it Simple.

Well tonight’s entry is going to be rather straight and to the point, partially because it’s 12:30am and I don’t have the energy to write something descriptive, but also because our last couple days have been sort of uneventful…?

I mean, not really uneventful. A lot has happened, just not a lot of major interest. So I’ll keep it simple and try to do a quick sum up.

  • We WWOOFed in Invercargill for four nights, mainly doing inside cleaning work – which was a really nice change from all the weeding/moving heavy objects that we’ve been doing.
  • Our host family was a family of four (mother, father, daughter, and son), who were all wonderfully nice to us and very much into rugby, rowing, basketball, running, and just about every other kind of sport. The two kids of the family are hoping to make it to the Olympics someday, which the parents were incredibly supportive of. I’m not exactly the most sports enthused person on the planet, but it was interesting to kind of get a view of the lifestyle.
  • The family had a cat, two dogs, three horses, some chickens, and a ton of sheep and lambs. My favorite was the cat (whose name I never learned), Zach the dog, and Molly the (absolutely gorgeous) horse.
  • We cooked for the first time for a WWOOFing family. We stuck with something easy, ie. a build your own taco/burrito bar. The two teenagers had never had a taco before, which we found sort of amusing because they kept asking us if they were preparing their meal correctly. I also made a mediocre cheesecake.
  • I rediscovered the joys of electric blankets. Fantastic.
  • Didn’t take many pictures during our stay. In fact, I took zero with my camera. All the pictures I took were on my phone.
  • I finally got a of Snapchat, and have primarily used it to send Kathleen pictures of me making ugly faces and of her own butt.
  • Speaking of Kathleen, we both got sick. Nothing major, I don’t think. I have the better of it, wherein I just have an annoying sore throat and that’s it. Kathleen’s a little worse for wear. We’re hoping her bug will give way soon. If it’s still around by the time we get to Queenstown in three days we’ll probably have to find her a doctor.
  • We didn’t see much of the city. We were driven around one afternoon and saw a lot of the bush, neighborhoods, and one awesome beach, but that was really it.
  • Green Lantern is a shitty movie.
  • I’m kind of in love with Chris Parnell and Benedict Cumberbatch all over again…?

We’re in Te Anau right now, which is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to snap some pictures to share in my next blog. We’re gonna explore the town and try to find a hike or two to go on tomorrow, then the next day we’re going on a tour of Milford Sound. Fun times all around!

JGask out.

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