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Julia Gaskill. 24. Oregonian. Blogger. (Slam) Poet. Reader. Photographer. Theatre do-er. (Somewhat) Recent college graduate. Cat owner. Runner. Doodler. Occasional BuzzPatrol / ToughPigs / Cool Gizmo Toys writer. Co-creator of the podcast Frog Kissin’. Professional fan girl. Muppet enthusiast. Disney aficionado. Hamburger eater. White Russian drinker. Television obsessor. Fantasy lover. Bad dancer. Loves LOST more than you. Usually asleep. Only sounds good singing when in the shower.

Can currently be found wandering the streets of Portland, Oregon, searching for free wifi.


You can also find me on:     [Twitter]     [Instagram]     [Tumblr]     [Pinterest]     [Youtube]     [Fiverr]

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